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Emily is an Associate Group Director at Orangetee & Tie Pte Ltd with close to 12 years of real estate experience.
During this time she has served and befriended many local, international expatriates and foreign clients from Asia-Pacific regions helping them to find their dream property and investments opportunity.
Combining her property industry experience with more than 15 years of sales experience, Emily has assisted her client and fellow agents to achieve the best results in property search and career.
Emily believes that selling property is more than just selling a home, it is a opportunity to touch live and bless families, therefore she always puts in 100% effort to help her clients achieve their dreams and long term goals. Giving her client the highest level of professionalism and service.
Here are some of the Awards Emily has achieved over the years:
HSR International Realtors Pte Ltd
Top Achiever
Top 30 Producers
Top 10 Producers (Resale)
Top 10 Transactors
Top Recruiter
Top 30 Producer
Top 30 Producers
Global Property Strategic Alliance Private Limited (GPS)
Top Team Leader
-1st Quarter
-2nd Quarter
-3rd Quarter
Top Producer – 2nd Quarter
Top 5th Project Transactors
Top 200 Resale Producer
Top Producer – 1st half of 2013
Top 5 International Projects
Orangetee & Tie Pte Ltd
Top Producer 2014
Top Achieved 2015
Top Producer 2016
Top Achieved 2017

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As you progressed in this challenging industry, it makes sense to create as many opportunities for yourself & your team members doesn't it?

-If you are NEW,you needs Technology tools to look CONFIDENT to close that 1st Case.
-If you are EXPERIENCED ,"even your competitors will be amazed with the Technology Tools that you Have at your fingertips.
-If you are ESTABLISHED,it's time to attract your prospects with NEW Technology Tools.

Started Real Estate career in 2006 with HSR Property Consultant pte ltd ,without money and skills, knowledge or contacts. Though I struggled initially, I became better & better when I understood the dynamics of this industry which by the way; was much simpler back then.During this time I has served and helping expatriates to find their dream home in Singapore and befriended many local,international expatriates and foreign clients from Asia-Pacific regions helping them to find their dream property and investments opportunity.I was in Top 10 to 30 positions in sale for 5 consecutive years of 2007 to 2010.

In late 2010, I move to GPS Alliance Pte Ltd as a Associate Divison Head & secured contacts of MCC Land , a property developer with
GPS Alliance to promotes their developments of Condominiums , EC .
Eg : The Canopy , The Nautical , One Canberra ... Etc etc .I was in Top 9-20 Leaders and Top 42-100 Producers in 2011/2012/2013 and Top 5-15 International Project Champions and Local Project in 2013.

Current with Orangetee.com pte ltd
Associate Group Director
April 2014-Present Singapore
Team AAG( Apex Achievers Group)

In my last 12 years, I have seen salespeople entering the industry with enthusiasm & exiting with desperation. Many of them are good, honest & hard-working but somehow could not achieve their desired results despite trying their best. You may have been more fortunate than them & I believe you must have work very hard to achieved your success. One thing you will agree with me is that life is never a bed of roses in this industry. In fact, almost 53% of new rookies failed within the first 3 years & only a fraction of the remaining 47% continue to enjoy growth each & every year. Why is that so? As Anthony Robbins said, "What people CAN do is very different from what they WILL do".

The truth is; human beings have much more potential than they can imagine, although at times, like many others; you too will feel the heat when you experienced endless governing rules & regulation. The critical question you must ask yourself is this; "How else can I do work more efficiently & increase my earnings?" If you are currently working with a smaller real estate agency with limited resources, you may consider working with a larger agency which is better-structured & offers more opportunities. You may also want to explore working with a team that organises group activities to help you increase your revenues. To be successful in this competitive market, besides working hard, you need to work smart too! But whichever it is, you must have an open mind & be willing to take your next step in order to be better. You have to step out of your comfort zone & see what other opportunities lies ahead for you! So you may wonder, why do I believe a team is important for you in your real estate business? Let me share my 2 cents worth...

As a team, everyone achieves more, provided everyone compliment each others' strength & weaknesses. I often emphasise,"If you have the hammer, you have to look for someone with the nails." What good does it do if everyone have hammers but no nails? Those operating alone (or what I call a "single digit") have limited resources & support, they will find it more challenging because they are competing on a 'one against the world' basis.

This is a genuine invitation to explore opportunities together. You will discover for yourself what & myself have put up to support fellow real estate practitioners who need additional added-advantages in their business; thus ensuring a win-win situation for everyone.

Armour Yourself with the Unfair Technological Advantage !




Thank you for your time. Registration details can be found below & I look forward to seeing you.

You can contact me for a private & confidential one-to-one discussion to find out more.


Emily Lim

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